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Counselling, EMDR and Eating Disorder Therapy

Embrace the Future with Counselling, EMDR Trauma Therapy and Eating Disorder Therapy  atThe Therapy Shed in Doncaster

Making Your Mental Wellness Our Priority

How Can The Therapy Shed Help You?

Nestled in the heart of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, The Therapy Shed offers solace and guidance, providing a nurturing haven for Counselling, Eating Disorder Therapy, and EMDR Trauma Therapy.


Our purpose resonates with prioritizing your mental well-being. Mental health touches us all, impacting one in four individuals. However, the weight of shame and apprehension often hinders people from seeking the help they need, resulting in isolation and a struggle to find understanding in their emotions.


Amidst the challenges of contemporary life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and adrift amidst negative thoughts and counterproductive behaviours. The vibrant energy that once fuelled our enthusiasm for life can wane, leaving us feeling adrift.


Are you grappling with feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety? Do sleepless nights cast shadows over your well-being? Has the joy you once found in activities faded? Is your relationship with food overshadowing other aspects of your life? Perhaps you're weary from grappling with the aftermath of sexual abuse or trauma, burdened by cycles that impact your life and relationships.


At The Therapy Shed Doncaster, our hand is extended to guide you. We offer an array of therapeutic avenues, encompassing Counselling, Eating Disorder Therapy, and EMDR Trauma Therapy. Together, we address a wide spectrum of concerns, from anxiety and depression to relationship dynamics, eating disorders, and the lasting effects of sexual abuse and trauma.


Explore our dedicated pages on Counselling, Eating Disorders, and EMDR Trauma Therapy to embark on a transformative journey that aligns with your aspirations. Your path to healing begins right here.

Going to counselling when you feel sad, depressed or anxious should be as normal as seeing the doctor when you have flu

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