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Embrace the Future with Counselling, Eating Disorder Therapy and Hypnotherapy atThe Therapy Shed in Doncaster

Making Your Mental Wellness Our Priority

How Can The Therapy Shed Help You?

The Therapy Shed is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and offers Counselling, Eating Disorder Therapy and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Our aim is to make your mental health our priority.  Mental health problems affect one in four of us, yet too often people feel too ashamed or scared to reach out for help or support, leading to people feeling alone or isolated and struggling to make sense of how they are feeling.

With the stresses and strains that modern-day life puts on us, sometimes we can start to feel overwhelmed and less in control of our lives. We can easily become trapped in those cycles of negative thinking or unhelpful behaviours and  feeling like we have lost our mojo or the passion for life we once had.

Have you found yourself feeling low, depressed, stressed or anxious lately?

Do you lay awake a night not being able to sleep?

Have you lost the confidence to do things you once enjoyed?

Is your relationship with food taking over your life?

Or are you tired of struggling with addiction of some kind, finding yourself repeating the same patterns of behaviour that are negatively impacting your life or relationships?

Here at The Therapy Shed Doncaster we offer Counselling, Eating Disorder Therapy and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to work with a range of issues from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, addictions, confidence, self-esteem, weight management and many more.

See our Counselling, Eating Disorders and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy pages to learn more about how together we can help make 2022 the year you dreamed of.

Going to counselling when you feel sad, depressed or anxious should be as normal as seeing the doctor when you have flu

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