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If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder or having problems in your relationship then counselling can give you a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a way that might not be possible with friends or family

Let's get you Back on Track

Counselling with The Therpay Shed in Doncaster

Many reasons can bring us to therapy, whether they are lifetime struggles or temporary difficulties.

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed?

Are you struggling to sleep, racing thoughts or constantly worrying?

Are you having problems in your relationship or marriage?

Struggling with an eating disorder or feel like your relationship with food is ruling your life and making you miserable?

Or do negative or traumatic past experiences affect your emotions, behaviours and decision making?​

If any or all of these things resonate with you then counselling can give you the tools and self-awareness that you need in order to start to repair these issues.

As a counsellor, I am here to help you to explore your feelings and to work with you so that you can start to make sense of these and create positive change in your life.


I offer a non-judgmental, safe and confidential space in which you can talk openly about any aspects of your life in a way which might not be possible with friends or family.

Together we can explore how to get you to a place where life’s ups and downs feel manageable instead of overwhelming.

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, close to the M18 motorway and local bus routes making access easy

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