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Here at The Therapy Shed, we work with lots of clients who have struggled with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD and had difficulties in their relationships, here's what they've said about their experience with counselling or hypnotherapy with me

Rave Reviews

" Rachel really helped me to find my way when I was lost. She was so empathic and understanding which made it easier to open up and explore how I was feeling, couldn't recommend her enough"

" Visiting Rachel has been one the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I honestly never thought I would see myself going to Therapy, I just never thought it was for me or that any of my Anxiety, low mood or lack of confidence could be solved in therapy. I spent so much of my time making sure everyone else was ok that I forgot to take care of myself and Rachel has helped me change this. I am the happiest and most confident that I have I ever been and I can’t thank Rachel enough."

"I have had the best experience and support at The Therapy Shed. I can't thank Rachel enough for helping me. I would recommend to anyone"

" I have always been a positive person so never expected to suffer with depression, it's scary how it creeps on you. I never forget the day when Rachel asked how I was, being able to trust and open up to her was the turning point. I'm glad I have gone through this and would not have made it without Rachel, she has made me a stronger and happier person. I cannot thank Rachel enough"

"I was always skeptical about hypnotherapy but I couldn't of been more wrong. Since starting weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel my mood and outlook on life has been flipped around and I feel able to tackle anything life throws at me." 

"The help I have received from Rachel has been second to none. She has helped me control my over-thinking anxious brain and built me up to be able to deliver a public speaking task of which I was dreading. Not only this but she has helped me stay positive, calm and in control of any situation I have to encounter. Amazing work, I couldn't recommend enough, thanks Rachel"

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