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Solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, build confidence and self-esteem, help with weight loss, pain management and even perfect your sports performance

Helping you Get the Most out of Life

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with 

The Therapy Shed in Doncaster

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows clients to make positive changes in their lives without having to unpick the past.


What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?


It’s a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. We use techniques from the Solution Focused Brief Therapy model, also giving you information about how the brain works in a way that you can understand and then combine that with relaxing hypnosis. We use the latest brain research and neuroscience to achieve your goals and promote the positive, lasting changes you want.



Hypnosis or “trance” is very normal in many ways, we go in to trance many times a day either when driving, watching TV or when we are running and has many similarities with REM sleep. When we are in this trance state it helps to bring balance between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind making us more open and receptive to the kinds of ideas, we want to be taking on board to promote those lasting changes we want and lead a life that feels more fulfilling.


Sometimes in life, our anxiety can go up, we find ourselves less able to cope with situations and become so stressed that life feels overwhelming, we become less able to sleep and lie awake at night overthinking and become stuck in that cycle of negative thinking. Maybe you’re feeling depressed and have lost the joy from your life, isolating yourself and feeling less like you want to interact with the world.



Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is by no means a magic wand, it requires effort and commitment from you to make your desired future a reality.


Hypnotherapy or “trance” is completely safe, you are aware and in control the whole time. Think of Hypnotherapy as a massage for the mind.


Key areas in which Solution Focused hypnotherapy can help include:


Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Depression / Low Mood



Insomnia / Poor Sleep



Stopping Smoking

Pain Management

Weight Management



Sports Performance


Chronic Pain

Addictions – Drink, Drugs, Gambling, Food



Exam Stress


The number of sessions needed depends on the nature of the issue and your own personal motivation to get better but typically it can be between 8-12 sessions. Results may vary

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